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    The package explores the idea of 'window' or 'perspective'. In the course of time, many artists have been working with this concept taking the painting as a window on reality, and within this frame of reference playing with various points of view. Nowadays we can add a new perspective to this concept: the electronic window. Do new technologies add something that cannot be achieved by other means of expression? And if so, how does this influence our view on the world?


    I had already touched upon concept 'window' in Strasbourg, but I left the idea for a while until it came back to me when I work out the Tribe, an installation that addresses the television as a window on the world, which is not only focussing on reality, but also on our imaginative and virtual world. In a different way I take up the same concept in Hoorn with installation Puzzled Windows. Transforming a neoclassical church into a   house of memory, it strikes me that all the church windows are boarded up.No view on the world, no world coming in. The application of gauze curtains enables me to open up the space while at the same time suggesting more intimacy. In Unter der Laterne the concept of a virtual window returns by way of video-registration, but now centering on the relations between real time and historical time.  

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