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    House explores the concept of 'self' posing the question: What is inside and what is outside? How are the individual and the social intermingled?


    After finishing up installation the Tribe in 1993, I come to the conclusion that an important aspect is left untouched and in need of investigation. I start an inquiry into the relation between the inner and the outer, the interior and the exterior, thinking of the individual human being as the place of a sheltered spirit and the community as a sheltered whole. And the other way around: the shelter as a place where one can meet and gather, but also as a location where one can be alone and contemplate. There are numerous kinds of dwellings people make all over the world: a tent, a Kasbah, a pueblo, a mud house, an apartment and the like. All these habitations show the various traditions of cultures. How people make a living and protect   themselves from danger, how they gather and how they withdraw. Dwelling is having some sort of shelter, a roof over one's head, physically and mentally.

It is the cultural environment where we feel at home and in some sense is our complete world. What is more, our dreams and experiences relate to specific events that occurred at a particular place and point in time. This idea is worked out in installation Huis(House) that transforms a mill into a haven, where the visitor can shop for memories.
The Shelter Project is meant to shed light on the question what happens to a human being when all natural and cultural environments are absent.

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