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    While this package explores the notion of 'meaning', the question was raised whether it could be possible to provide a new perspective on the notion of Installation as well as a new insight on the Wittgensteinian notion of übersichtliche Darstellung. On a different level we wanted to find out whether philosophy and art have something to say to each other, while preserving their distinctions.


    After completion of a study in philosophy, there remained the question how to combine visual art and philosophy in such a way that it would make a meaningful difference. What is more: is it possible to combine the two disciplines into óne PhD thesis without reducing one to the other? I soon found out that it could only succeed by means of an investigation from within. But that meant, that a whole philosophical   community had to be asked to actively participate in some way or another, without knowing exactly what we are heading for. Would such a solid community be able to respond in a flexible way for the number of years the project lasts? In the end, I came to the conclusion that the whole project had not been an interdisciplinary project, but a multi-disciplinary adventure: a double track of visual art and analytic philosophy.  

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Do not Erase

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