Project SOUL SPACE      


Concept   Socrates called it his Daimonion: a hidden travel guide who protected him on his journey through life by preventing him from doing something he was about to do. Socrates always listened very carefully to the guide, because, according to him, this voice came from the Deity. Is Socrates' Daimonion comparable to what we name as God or Guardian Angel? Or does it look more like something the (para)psychologists call a 'mental radar': a function of the human subconsciousness? Could the travel guide be just another word for 'fate'? No matter what, it seems to be something invisible and hidden but nevertheless active outside or inside ourselves; mysterious and possibly supernatural as some sort of intensified knowledge. Whatever the hidden travel advisor might be, in all cases our powers of imagination play a crucial role.
  The first part of project Soul Space investigates in what ways the Daimonion manifests itself as `religious experience' during all kinds of services and ceremonies present to this very day in Amsterdam, worshipping each in their own manner what they think most important. What does religious experience mean for the churchgoers? What do they hope for? Which voices do they hear? Or do they merely opt for the coffee after service?

These questions are addressed by focussing on the profound feelings during the service when the intimacy of the moment evokes a special atmosphere in which 'something might happen'. The aim is to capture something so invisible on camera and subsequently turn it into a sign of our evolutionary potential.

    Participants in the photo series
Apostolic Association; Buddhist He Hua Temple; Church of St. Peter and St. Paul; Conseiho Espírita Holandês-J.G. Plate group; Family Federation; Hare Krishna-Iskcon; Liberal Jewish Congregation; Orange Church; Old Catholic Church; Old Church Community; Oudezijds100; Priesthood for Drug Users; Quakers; Saint Nicholas Basilica; Shinto; Vaidiek Arya Samaj.

Timeline   13/10 2019
  Over religieuze ervaring en artistieke processen [Dutch only].
Presentation with photo-series Soul Space II. Filosofiecafé Twente.

    7|11 2017
  Socrates' Daimonion, on religious experience and artistic processes [Dutch only]
Presentation and exhibition of photo-series Soul Space. Leiden University.

    15|8 2016 - 01|7 2017
  The production of a series of pictures, taken during the service or ceremony of various religious institutions in Amsterdam, listed above in alphabetical order.